Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Technology Autobiography

                When I was a baby I started getting recorded on baby monitors for my mother could listen to me sleep and make sure I was ok. Then when I turned 1 I began to watch TV. As I got older I began to listen to music. I was 7 when I got my first phone and g when I started using the iron. As I grew older I began to upgrade on more new phones. I loved watching cartoons and playing games.

I began using the light because I was scared of the dark plus the TV had to be on. When I turned 11 my mother got her first computer and I started playing on it. Then more teach started coming out that I was happy with. I stared using the microwave to warm up my food. I started using the stove to cook my food.

I started using the dish washer to clean my dishes. I started using the hair dryer to dry my hair whenever I washed it. When my daddy got his PlayStation 3 that his mother bought him I began to play that with the interactive chairs to go with it was very fun and amusing. Then tech started going up to another level which was very high. We began to get cordless controllers and mini TVs and just cause I loved reading books my mother bought me one of them eBook that is the same thing basically as a computer, and I was able to read books just from. And because of all this life was wonderful.

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