Friday, October 28, 2011

the pros and kcons of facebook

There are many people in American that as an Facebook that they use stay in touch with family members, friends and many more. Facebook lets you share am, much information as possible as you want which is very nice. But,, is nice thing to have . Facebook is big and has a huge amount of users. Facebook aren’t just for teenagers. It is also open to grandma, grandpas, uncles, aunties, mamas and daddies. , this site lets your share pictures and provides a  great outlet on  everything.

Face book always seem s friendly but is not always friendly. Many teen many use Facebook as a weapon to start lots of drama on her. ,so u have to be careful in  what you say or do and what you post on your status. Facebook a no limit police. This means that they basically don’t care about what they say or what they do. Many people have lost their lives because the things that are being said about them on her. Facebook should be used as a tool not as a weapon.


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