Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Social networking sites should prohibit children from using their services

               I think that children should be prohibited from using social networking sites. Children should have to be a certain age before becoming a member of any social site. I think by children being able to be a member of social networks sometimes brings out the worst in many kids. And things are quick to happen.  Just like many of the children in today’s society think that social networks are the answer to being able to do what they want. Well it is true. click here to view article

Many children who are underage and who are also on these social networks can and basically is in danger. There are so many crazy people out there in the world that feel that they can do whatever to whoever and whenever they want. Social websites is specified as danger in my vocabulary to all children. All social networks aren’t all safe. They have networks for children and they have networks for adults and older kids, and that doesn’t mean that they are also safe. So the best thing to do is stick to what you know.       

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  1. Agreed.

    But I believe you should already know how America eats it's young. On one hand, they say don't do this. On the other hand, they offer temptation.

    Parents have a tough-est job, especially nowadays.